As an event planner with an eye for design, I find great joy in creating truly “Stellar Events”. Whether I’m planning a simple backyard wedding or designing a corporate event sure to make Hollywood drool, not a single detail ever goes untouched.

I am a professional planner with eight years in the industry. I have traveled the country lending my talents to brides, corporations, private parties and the like. Through years of working in this environment, I have developed a quick mind to make on the spot decisions and a sharp eye for the final element that will set your event apart from any other.

If you are looking for a planner to assist with anything from vendor/venue selection to catering, transportation to accommodations, itineraries for all parties involved to day-of-event management, then you have come to the right place. If you need these services as well as someone who can design a complete canvas for your event down to the very last detail, then you’re in the right place too. The first step of creating your own stellar event is just a click away.

Wilmington’s premier event planner can help you plan and organize your events, no matter the size or level of formality. Our services include:

  Corporate Events
  Parties + Galas
  Charity/Fundraiser Events
  Custom Design Services
  Specialty Rentals

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